Welcome to Prosthetic Hope International

Prosthetic Care for People in

Central America & the Caribbean

Patients like Harley, Ronnie, and Juan have found new hope thanks to Sonrie volunteer prosthetic teams.



Since 1996, Sonrie prosthetic volunteers have provided more than $800,000 worth of free artificial limbs for amputees. Patients who live deep in the

Belizean jungle, or in the campo of the Dominican Republic may travel several hours to arrive at a Sonrie clinic site. Most have lost hope of ever living a

normal life again.

Restoring HOPE is our best gift to people in need.





Harley, age 11, cancer

survivor, Hip Disarticulation

Ronnie, age 8

Congenital below-knee amputee

Juan, L below-elbow amputee

Sugarcane farmer